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TiVUS Photos from Philadelphia

Since Host Hotels is turning the downtown Philadelphia property into a contract (ahead of schedule), we felt it was a good time to show you some pictures of the actual installation. As you know, the system was first announced back in March, with progress moving along throughout the year as Host remodeled the property.

As of late July, Tivus has installed their system in 1200 rooms at the property, and successfully deployed our unique ad-insertion system. Below are a few of the photos, the full album can be viewed at Tivus’ Philadelphia Picasa Album.


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Philadelphia Installation Rolling Along

TiVus is moving fast on the install at the Philadelphia hotel owned by Host Hotels & Resorts (which is the largest real estate investment trust group in the country, in case you forgot). Apparently, now 500 rooms are live at the hotel, which is over a 1/3 of the hotel’s total rooms. The projected completion date is sometime late in the summer of this year. Keep in mind the TiVus install crew is working in tandem with the hotel’s remodeling crew, so the speed isn’t entirely up to TiVus. Check out the full release below the fold or on TiVus’ Site. Read the rest of this entry »

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TiVus Announces First 300 Rooms Live at Host Hotels & Resorts Property

The installation at the Host Hotels & Resorts property in Philadelphia, PA is moving quickly. TiVus has already installed 300 rooms at the property. Current projections show the installation should be fully completed sometime in the summer, based on the speed of the Host Hotels remodeling crews. This is a real game changer for TiVus, and I’m excited to see the property go 100% live. Read the full story below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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