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Industry Rebound Leads to Hotel Spending

This is exactly what I expected after reading article after article about this year’s increase in hotel occupancy rates: hotels are increasing their improvement spending following a 4 year decline. According to USA Today, hotels are expected to spend around $3.5 billion this year on hotel improvements such as up carpeting, furniture, technology, etc. The industry was aggressively investing in room improvements in 2008 prior to the great recession, but then companies began holding onto their cash due to the unstable market. Now that things have calmed, hotel owners are willing to start putting money back into their properties. As far as I can tell, for the hotel industry, the great recession is over, which is a good sign for TiVUS.


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Hotel Plug Panels

When I travel I always bring my laptop, and get frustrated I can’t connect it to the TV like I do at home. In these modern computer-centric times, using a hotel room’s TV as your computer’s monitor, or to connect a video gaming system (such as a Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, etc.) is something many guests demand. This is why the TiVUS Solution includes a Plug Panel, allowing guests to connect their electronic devices to their TiVUS e-SmarTV.

Apparently other companies’ are agreeing with Host Hotels (as they are embracing the TiVUS Solution) and are installing their own Plug Panels. At the Riveria in Palm Springs, a HotelChatter contributor found a plug panel in their room. At the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami, a small company called TeleAdapt got their plug panels installed in all the rooms, allowing for Bluetooth connectivity to the in-room TVs. Hyatt Hotels has designed a rather robust panel that includes all the connectors you could possibly want. Marriott started installing plug panels back in 2008, and were planning to get them in all rooms by the end of 2009, I guess the recession stopped them.

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News Round Up

Was searching around hotel technology blogs today and came across a few things y’all might be interested in reading about (along with some commentary).

More hotels distribute iPads to guests for ordering room service, amenities – The expense of buying iPads for guests to use seems ridiculous, when all the functionality it’s adding can be done on the TV for less money… that is, if the hotel is running the TiVUS Solution.

Radisson Opening First Blu in the US – This is simply a gorgeous hotel, and one that I think the TiVUS Solution would be a good fit. A luxurious hotel should have a luxurious system running on their TV.

[Hotel] Industry Recovery Ahead of Pace – It’s good to see Stephen saying hotels are making up lost ground faster than he expected. It means hotels will be able to more quickly upgrade their offerings to guests.

I’ll keep posting more industry news that I think TiVUS followers will be interested in. And feel free to comment on here.

– Michael Blunk, Investor Relations for TiVUS

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Tivus Announces Porn-Free IPTV System

Tivus, Inc. announced today they are in advanced discussions with Marriott International to deploy Tivus’ Internet Protocol Television system (HD IPTV) in their hotels. You might remember the news of last week (Analyst Report saying LodgeNet customer dropping porn, Marriott confirming they are dropping adult content, and the effect on LodgeNet’s stock). For more information, read the press release from Tivus below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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