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HITEC Photos Uploaded

Wanted to let everyone I uploaded some of the photos from HITEC today, unfortunately the memory card other photos were saved on didn’t survive the trip (long story). You can find all of the pictures that survived on our Picasa account by going here: TiVUS HITEC photos on Picasa. I’ve gone ahead and put a couple of them on this blog post for you to look at also.


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HITEC Day 2 Wrap Up

As I mentioned earlier today, the interest level by HITEC attendees and even fellow exhibitors was tremendous today. Shiva, Phil, and Randall were busy in meetings for almost the entire day. They gave presentations to representatives for Omni Hotels, Hyatt, as well as from Starwood Hotels, which some friends at Host Hotels were eager to introduce to Shiva. Having listened to most of these meetings, it appeared everyone was in agreement that the TiVUS system was the future of in room hospitality.

After the last meeting of the day, I asked Phil what the overall excitement was by the various representatives. He said their response was “nothing but positive, and all of them were eager to discuss how our system could benefit their hotels.” There were also numerous telecommunication service providers that were eager to look at the system. With their decades of experience installing in hotels worldwide, there are synergies that could be figured out to mutually benefit them and TiVUS.

I personally expect this conference to lead to great things for TiVUS, and can’t think of a better way today could have gone for Tivus, but there is still tomorrow…

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Tons of Demonstrations at HITEC Conference on Day 2

After the success at HITEC yesterday, the TiVUS demonstration room has had near constant traffic. Numerous hotel management companies are expressing interest in the system, particularly with the ability for generating revenue off of ad-insertion on the free-to-guest channels. One meeting involved the owner of a management company with 30 hotels watching the ad-insertion demonstration, and commenting how amazed he was that we were able to do it.

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HITEC Conference Day 1

First day of the HITEC conference was yesterday, hosted by the Hospitality Financial and Technologies (HFTP) group, wrapped up earlier today and from all accounts it was a win for TiVUS. The highlight was Host Hotels & Resorts bringing in representatives from one of the major high-end hotel chains across the world to view the system. This is clear indication that Host believes in the technology, and wants to see the TiVUS Solution implemented in hotel rooms worldwide. Keep posted to TiVUS to hear more about what we’re doing at the HITEC conference the next 2 days.

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Tivus Going to New York

As part of Tivus’ outreach to Wall Street and private investors, Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ CEO, Sue Alberts, and Steve Haag, with SmallCap Support Services LLC will be attending the Private Equity Venture Capital Forum. This should help introduce Tivus to investors and companies interested in investing. Stay posted here for more. Full story after the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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