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Technical Difficulties

Wanted to let everyone know we’ve had some major technical issues with our existing TivusConnect blog, rendering it unusable. We’re working on migrating all the old posts over to this site, but this takes a little time. Stay posted for more information. If you need more information, feel free to call Steve Haag or Michael Blunk, Investor Relations for Tivus, at 832-413-6206 or by email at tivus@smallcapss.com.


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TiVUS Photos from Philadelphia

Since Host Hotels is turning the downtown Philadelphia property into a contract (ahead of schedule), we felt it was a good time to show you some pictures of the actual installation. As you know, the system was first announced back in March, with progress moving along throughout the year as Host remodeled the property.

As of late July, Tivus has installed their system in 1200 rooms at the property, and successfully deployed our unique ad-insertion system. Below are a few of the photos, the full album can be viewed at Tivus’ Philadelphia Picasa Album.

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