TiVUS is a LodgeNet Competitor… according to LodgeNet

Here’s something everyone might find interesting. Buried inside of LodgeNet’s 2010 annual filing (click to download) is a listing of all of their competitors in the hospitality industry. Guess who’s on there: TiVUS.

Here’s the fun part: all of the other competitors listed have thousands of hotel rooms already installed. TiVUS began operations last year, and is currently only doing installs in two hotels. So why would LodgeNet be worrying about a start-up like TiVUS? LodgeNet in-room revenues are generated almost entirely from content-on-demand sales (which have been dropping steadily for years), and they have no plan for how to overcome this problem. The TiVUS Solution on the other hand, is capable of doing ad-insertion on the free-to-guest channels, allowing for revenue generation in an entirely new fashion. It’s a game changer if you ask me.

– Michael Blunk, Investor Relations for TiVUS

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