TiVus Announces First 300 Rooms Live at Host Hotels & Resorts Property

The installation at the Host Hotels & Resorts property in Philadelphia, PA is moving quickly. TiVus has already installed 300 rooms at the property. Current projections show the installation should be fully completed sometime in the summer, based on the speed of the Host Hotels remodeling crews. This is a real game changer for TiVus, and I’m excited to see the property go 100% live. Read the full story below the fold.

Omaha, NE, March 30, 2011– Tivus, Inc. (PK: TIVU) today announced successful deployment of its new Internet-based, in-room content-on-demand (COD) systems in more than 300 rooms of a 1408 room Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. property in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“With more than 300 rooms now live and experiencing regular guest traffic, Tivus’ pure IP-based COD IPTV system has already been enjoyed by thousands of hotel guests,” commented Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ president and chief executive officer.

“It is important to understand Tivus’ business model relies on ad-revenue, not video-on demand. To illustrate how such a model works, we have provided an example here.” (Note: this link is an example of our revenue model, not projections for a specific installation.)

Previously, in a March 2, 2010, press release, the Company announced it had entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to deploy its new Internet-based, in-room content-on-demand (COD) systems in certain Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. properties.

“This milestone represents one-quarter of the property’s total room count. As our installation technicians are working in tandem with the hotel’s remodeling crews, we currently still expect completion in late summer,” Prakash concluded.

“Our IP-based ‘backbone’ has been performing well,” commented Randall Francis, Tivus’ chief technology officer. “Due to the efficiency of our IP-based high-definition content distribution, it ensures an enjoyable, uninterrupted in-room entertainment experience.”

Tivus continues leading the industry advancing its new HD IPTV entertainment system for the hotel/hospitality industry and creating a new revenue source from the hotel’s in-room televisions through ad-revenue sharing. In this way, hotels are no longer dependent on currently declining pay-per-view movie sales. Moreover, Tivus offers full customization of the content for its clients, including the option of omitting any objectionable content at no additional premium.

About Tivus, Inc. – Tivus, Inc. is a technology entertainment services company providing internet-based TV and Cable programming, interactive game content, and goods & services to the hotel/hospitality industry. Tivus’ unique HD IPTV system is a complete hotel entertainment platform that, for the first time in the industry, generates previously untapped income for the hotel through ad revenue-sharing. For more information, please visit www.tivus.com and www.tivusconnect.com, or check us out on Facebook.com/TivusConnect or on Twitter @TivusInc.

One of our most important responsibilities is to communicate with shareholders in an open and direct manner. Comments are based on current management expectations, and are considered “forward-looking statements,” generally preceded by words such as “plans,” “expects,” “believes,” “anticipates,” or “intends.” We cannot promise future returns. Our statements reflect our best judgment at the time they are issued, and we disclaim any obligation to update forward-looking statements as the result of new information or future events. We urge investors to review the risks and uncertainties within its filings with the OTC Markets and/or Securities and Exchange Commission.

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