Tivus Going to New York

As part of Tivus’ outreach to Wall Street and private investors, Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ CEO, Sue Alberts, and Steve Haag, with SmallCap Support Services LLC will be attending the Private Equity Venture Capital Forum. This should help introduce Tivus to investors and companies interested in investing. Stay posted here for more. Full story after the fold.

Tivus Attending Private Equity Venture Capital Forum

Company Debuts on Wall Street Starlight Investments, host of Private Equity 2011

Tivus, Inc. (Pinksheets:TIVU – News), a provider of turnkey high-definition Internet-protocol television (HD IPTV) in-room entertainment technology to the hotel and hospitality industry, will be attending the Private Equity 2011: National Venture Capital & Angel Investor Forum in New York, New York, February 24, 2011.

“Today’s conference will debut the Company to more than 200 ‘Wall Street’ funds, accredited investors, and institutions that focus on investment in growth stage companies such as Tivus,” commented Steven M. Haag, Tivus’ investor relations officer. “In addition to identifying growth stage financing partners, our goal at the conference is to establish solid financing relationships ensuring Tivus has sufficient financing to install scores of installations simultaneously, as well as facilitating future deployment of our Network Operations Center (NOC).”

The Private Equity 2011 forum affords small-cap companies the opportunity to network with a large group of savvy institutions and accredited investors. During the forum, Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ chief executive officer and president, will present Tivus to attendees, as well as hosting a breakout session immediately after. In addition, Mr. Doug Marriott, Tivus’ industry advisory board member, will also be available to answer conference attendees’ question via conference call.

“Attendance, networking, and Company presentations such as the Private Equity 2011 forum are an important part of our overall strategy to establish Tivus, and its unique HD IPTV solution, as the dominant solution in the Hotel and hospitality industry. With our upcoming installation schedules expected to be increasingly resource intensive, access to mezzanine and other forms of financing with more favorable terms ensures we can seamlessly execute our business plan,” Prakash concluded.

About Private Equity 2011: National Venture Capital & Angel Investor Forum – In contrast with most groups that hold deal-oriented events, Private Equity 2011 is not part of any government agency or non-profit group, they are not supported by paid sponsors, and are not subsidized by vendors or service providers. As a result, their events are attended only by investors and entrepreneurs and are not compromised with a high population of lawyers, accountants, advisors and other non-investors. With over 10 years’ experience and 31 consecutive fully-booked events, the Forum has strong potential value to entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit http://events.starlightinvestments.com.

About Tivus, Inc. – Tivus, Inc. is a technology entertainment services company providing internet-based TV and Cable programming, interactive game content, and goods & services to the hotel/hospitality industry. Tivus’ unique HD IPTV system is a complete hotel entertainment platform that, for the first time in the industry, generates previously untapped income for the hotel through ad revenue-sharing. For more information, please visit www.tivus.com and www.tivusconnect.com.

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